"Gee, I'd like my kid's breakfast to be a little more nutritious."

Wow.  I just saw this commercial for a breakfast to please kids and moms alike.  I can’t remember what they called it, but it’s some sort of strawberry pastry thing.  The kids wanted “more strawberry filling,” and the moms wanted to “sneak some nutrition in.”  Moms, here’s a thought:  If you want to sneak nutrition […]

And Now, the Perils and Pitfalls of Homemade Fudge (duhn, duhn, duuuuuhn)

There is something about fudge that fascinates yet strikes fear into the heart of the home cook.  And I will admit, homemade fudge can be kind of particular about how it is treated.  If you mistreat it, it will let you know by turning into a grainy, sullen mess.  You can almost hear it muttering, […]

Ooh, How Did You Get Those Ridges in the Sides of Your Cranberry Jelly? Ingenious!

You know what’s worse than a can of cranberry jelly?  Cranberry jelly that still looks like the can when you take it out.  There is something profoundly wrong–or profoundly telling–about a side dish that makes a sucking sound as it is leaving the can.  I must admit that I grew up eating canned slices of […]

I Can't Believe That's Butter

I’m in charge of the turkey for our pre-Thanksgiving feast on Saturday, so I was making a compound butter to stuff under the beautiful bird’s skin.  Shallot, kosher salt, white pepper, lemon zest, savory, marjoram, flat-leaf parsley and some Old Bay ’cause I love it. (By the way, if you can’t get Old Bay in […]