Happy Halloween. Hmmph; I Wish.

I am digressing from pastry for today, because Halloween is my favorite holiday.  Seriously.  My beloved husband and I recently moved to a wonderful town on a wonderful street in North Carolina, but we just found out one very unwonderful thing about it:  no children come down this street!  None.  Bummer.  If we were going […]


    Streusel is magic!  It’s the reason that I often choose Dutch Apple Pie over regular old apple pie, even though I love crust.  Sometimes I just want homey, crunchy, buttery, golden-brown-and-delicious streusel! It’s so simple to make, but it is so very versatile.  How to make it?  Well–easy.  It’s equal parts, by weight, […]

The Case for Pastry Methods and Techniques

So, hello there, and welcome to my blog!  I also have a delightful and informative website all about baking and pastry:  Pastry Chef Online.  It needs a little love, and I am working on it, but in the meantime, here I am!  I just read on the lovely WordPress site that they alone host almost […]