Orange-Baker’s Brew Spice Rolls and a Savory Spice Shop (Raleigh) Giveaway!

orange-Baker's Brew Spice Rolls

Cinnamon rolls are a Component Treat.  Fit together a sweet roll dough, a tasty filling and a glaze and come up with something Lovely. There is no real reason to stick with one recipe for cinnamon rolls. I mean, you might like the dough from one recipe, but the filling component might be lacking. Or […]

Espresso Spice Pound Cake

pound cake

Close your eyes. OK, not really, because then you won’t be able to read. So, Pretend close your eyes and listen to this: coffee sugar cocoa cinnamon salt nutmeg cardamom allspice mace ginger Sound good to you? Related posts: Creamsicle Pound Cake: Pound Cake Certification Class Food 52sday Recipe Interpretation: Caramel Spice Pound Cake with […]