1. Ally says

    Jeni!  Luv your new website…it’s really sleek, chick and professional…whomever you had design and work on it, kudos! xox  Ally

  2. regina valletta says

    Jenni you’re a hoot and also a great teacher. I think after years of hit and miss, i finally understand why my cakes come out rubbery sometimes. I’m a pretty good savory cook. Measuring for sweets cramps my style…but as you explain, certain rules must be followed. thank you. carry on!
    regina valletta,
    rome, italy

    • says

      Aw, Regina! Thank you so much–this is now my new favorite comment ever! I’m so glad you’re finding an antidote to rubber cake syndrome and that I’ve been able to help and maybe make you laugh some! =)

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