Vegan Mango Pineapple Fool | Progressive Eats

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It’s Progressive Eats time again, and this month, it’s all about Caribbean flair! I made some light, summery and oh so refreshing vegan mango pineapple fool to celebrate. Let’s make some together! When I heard that this month’s theme was Taste of the Caribbean (thank you, Coleen, for hosting!) I knew exactly what I was […]

Chocolate Caramel Ice Cream (No Churn, Fig Swirl Optional)

a Chocolate Caramel Fig Swirl -5

This chocolate caramel ice cream is the best chocolate ice cream you’ll ever have. The caramel base adds a lot of complexity without taking over. Let’s make some, shall we? As someone who develops recipes and tries to stand out from the crowd a bit, one of my most difficult tasks is to come up […]

Organic Caramel Vanilla Ice Cream | No Churn, No Refined Sugar

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Organic caramel vanilla ice cream is so creamy and has such depth of flavor, it’s hard to believe it only contains four ingredients. It’s true, though! Friends, I am generally excited about food, but I have to tell you, you really must drop whatever you’re doing right now and make this ice cream. That is […]

Homemade Organic Sweetened Condensed Milk (No Refined Sugar)

SCM rectangle

This homemade organic sweetened condensed milk is deeply flavorful, only contains 2 ingredients, is easy to make, and it’s something you can feel good about making for your family. Scroll down to the bottom to see the amazing ice cream I made with this little secret weapon! All Sugars Are Not Created Equal I love […]

Summer Vegetable Recipes: Making the Most of Summer’s Bounty

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Follow my blog with BloglovinIt is currently 846,000F with humidity of 359%. Thank goodness for summer vegetable recipes: most don’t need cooking–or need just minimal cooking–and are served cold or at room temperature. Beat the heat with this round up of 9 summer vegetable recipes, friends! Pin this guy for future reference, friends! 9 Summer […]

No-Churn Junior Mint Chocolate Ice Cream | Ice Cream Tuesday

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It might not actually be Ice Cream Tuesday today, but I have been selfish long enough, sitting alone and eating this no churn Junior Mint chocolate ice cream all by myself. No more! I disciplined myself to put down the spoon and pick up the camera, and now I’m ready to share with you! I […]

Ten Perfect Lunch Box Treats for Back to School

lunch box treats1

It is back to school time, friends! And I know some of you busy moms and dads out there need some back to school lunch box treats for kids who are headed back to the classroom. Most of these treats are suitable for adults too, so don’t think you can’t make these for yourselves, moms […]

Neapolitan No-Churn Ice Cream Cake | KitchenAid Giveaway

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I am so glad you’re here! Today’s post not only features a festive and delicious Neapolitan No Churn Ice Cream Cake to help my friend Heather celebrate her blog’s 6th Blogiversary, but there’s also a most excellent giveaway for a KitchenAid Artisan Stand Mixer as well as a collection of cookbooks, so let’s get on […]

Smoked Caramel Pineapple Ice Cream | Progressive Eats

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It’s Grilling Month for Progressive Eats! That gave me an opportunity to use my grill to make some ice cream? What?! Yup–read on and we’ll make some smoked caramel pineapple ice cream together. And it’s no-churn, too!   I really hated summer camp. And when I say I hated it, I am not kidding. I […]

Salted Caramel Turtle Fudge Swirl Ice Cream (No-Churn) | Ice Cream Tuesday

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It’s so great to be back to Ice Cream Tuesdays again! And for this go-round, I’m focusing all on no-churn options. While I love my churned bases, not everyone has an ice cream maker, so no-churn is the great equalizer. If you’ve never tried it, give it a shot. There are tons of recipes on […]