Sweet and Spicy Pork Egg Rolls | Progressive Eats

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I missed last month’s Soup Extravaganza, and I was so sad. I had a plan and everything, but then I forgot that last February is really short and ended up on vacation the weekend I was supposed to be cooking and writing my post. Fortunately, the wonderful Heather from Girlichef jumped into my spot at […]

ClubsGalore Mother’s Day Gift Ideas | Brownie of the Month Club


This is a sponsored post for ClubsGalore. I’m very happy to be working with them to tell you about their Mother’s Day promotion. I’m a member of a few groups that pair up brands with bloggers. If I see an opportunity that fits within my baking and cooking world and I know would be of interest […]

Short-Cut Desserts for Unexpected Company | What Can I Do For You Wednesday

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This week, Gwen poses a Scenario and asks for some ideas. I have a couple hours or unexpected guests are coming. What is a quick easy sweet something to make? I love this, because it means I get to put on my thinking cap and come up with some short cut desserts for unexpected company. […]

Biscoff Cookie Butter Cheesecake with Biscoff Ganache

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Any product links are affiliate links. Thank you for supporting what I do! I love cheesecake so much that I may have to start a cheesecake day on Ye Olde Blogge (and please weigh in on that if you would in the comments: yea or nay). I don’t even have to make a cheesecake for […]

How to Compose a Cheese Plate | Fundamental Friday

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Okay, so maybe showing you how to compose a cheese plate isn’t the most fundamental of fundamentals, but there are some fundamental rules if you want to serve a balanced cheese plate or cheese course. Here are my rules. None are necessarily hard and fast, so consider them guidelines. Serve an odd number of cheeses. […]

Converting Bread Machine Recipes to Gluten-Free Recipes

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I have a feature on the fan page on Wednesdays called What Can I Do For You Wednesday. Folks can ask questions, and I answer them. I have decided to move non time-sensitive questions (help! My cake is overflowing the pan! What should I do?!) over to the blog so that more folks can get […]

Last-Minute Easy Chocolate Mint Shamrock Hand Pies for St. Patrick’s Day

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This happens every year. A holiday approaches and I think “Man, I posted Stuff for that holiday last year. And the year before. I don’t have to do it this year, too!” And then, as I can almost see the holiday peering at me over the horizon, I start to feel guilty, like I’m doing […]

Ingredient Function: How Do Eggs Function in Baking? | Fundamental Friday


The egg is quite possibly the most versatile basic baking ingredient on the planet. I think it has to do with its having two parts: a fatty yolk and a proteiny, watery white. You can also use just yolks, just whites or a combination of the two. Where to begin? Like Maria, I say let’s […]

Thank you, Beloved, and Happy Birthday

baking is love

Tomorrow is The Beloved’s birthday, and today I will bake for him. I will bake for him because I love him. For me, baking is love. It is my way of showing people that I care, my way of showing him that I care. The act of combining ingredients so the flavors and textures complement each other is a metaphor for my relationships with others. Although sometimes we might like to, none of us exists in a bubble, We affect those who we’re closest to, and they affect us. We seek out our tribe, our people. We find those who complement us and some who provide contrast, a refreshingly–or frustratingly–different way of approaching the world. And we need both. We need the complementary. The supportive, the comfortable. And we need the contrast: the challenge, the spice.

In baking, we need both the complementary and the contrasting. We need harmonious flavors, but a little bit of the unexpected is a welcome addition. The chemistry of many cakes is actually based on contrast. An acid plus a base give us bubbles to leaven.

I never thought of it that way. And Happy Birthday to The Beloved.

Do I Really Have to Sift Flour? | Fundamental Friday

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Do I really have to sift my flour? Usually said with a whiny tone. I know because I get that tone too. I am here to help on this Fundamental Friday, so let me enlighten you that you may whine no more. Or at least less.

I’ve always wondered about this. Tell me!