Food52sday Recipe Inspiration: Pudding Chomeur

Food52 Cookbook 001No idea what #Food52sday is? Allow me to Elucidate.

Pudding Chomeur? I know, right–I hadn’t heard of it, either. But I’m not from Canada.  I bet that you’ve heard of it if you’re from Canada.  That and nanaimo bars, but that’s another story.  And if I were from Canada, I might just make pudding chomeur The National Dessert.

Pudding chomeur sounds magical, and that’s why I’ve chosen it for my first recipe inspiration from The Food52 Cookbook. Remember last time, The Beloved got to choose and went with the Moroccan Merguez Ragout with Poached Eggs. Fantastic choice. But Miss Jenni needs some dessert!

First, you make a kind of batter/dough and let it sit in the fridge overnight. And then–are you ready?–you pour heavy cream and maple syrup over the dough and let it bake/poach/oogify (OO-jih-fie) in the oven. So it’s kind of like cake dumplings. In maple syrup. And cream. Lord!

I know The Beloved and I will have fun with this recipe–I’ve already got some ideas about how we can put our own spin on it. I do hope that you will play along, too.

Here’s the recipe for Pudding Chomeur.  And here’s author camille‘s page on the great Food52 site. We wouldn’t be doing this series without the site or the book, so thank you so much for the inspiration, guys!

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