Introducing Food52sdays and The Inaugural Inspiration Recipe: Moroccan Merguez Ragout with Poached Eggs

Welcome to Food52sdays!  This is how I think this is gonna work, although we might have to do some tweaking. Suggestions are welcome, by the way. At any rate, The Beloved and I poked through our copy of The Food52 Cookbook (before I regifted it) and came up with a short list of 20-21 recipes […]

Middle of the Night Awesome Idea: Mango Lassi Genoise


I grew up eating straight-up UhMERkin food. Solid. Filling. Nourishing. But not exotic. And honestly, as a kid, exotic would have scared me. But still.  I don’t think I even had “Chinese” food–and by “Chinese,” I mean sweet and sour chicken–until I was in college. I had tacos maybe 14 times over the course of […]

Introducing The Mighty Rhino!


The Beloved was feeling cookie-ish on Sunday, so I told him I’d Come Up With Something on Monday for him to munch on throughout the week. Because I am an Awesome wife. Also, I enjoy cookies. I love it when my self-interest dovetails with my being a Devoted Spouse. Y’all know I don’t really like […]

Sunday Suppers (Monday Edition): Chicken Soup with Kale


Even reconstituted, the soup still turns to Jell-o in the fridge. Nice! I made some stock the other day. A ton of it.  Probably close to three gallons.  We just recently have been getting rid of our plastic kitchen storage in favor of glass, and I just don’t have enough of the glass containers lying […]

The Food52 Cookbook: The Regifting

Share your favorite recipe for a chance to win!

UPDATE:  The contest is now over! Thanks for all of your great recipes shared over on the fb page, and congratulations to Teri McHugh, the winner!! A couple of weeks ago, I won a copy of The Food52 Cookbook through a giveaway hosted by Heather, @FarmgirlGourmet. (Thank you, Heather)!! Last Friday, it came in the […]

On Cooking without Eating. And Some Potato Soup.


Here it is, Day 8 of 10 of The Master Cleanse. I have swallowed no solid food since Thursday evening, January 5. When I started this whole thing, it was an impulsive move. I had been reading about it and Pondering the idea of it and researching it, and then I just said, “What the […]

Finding The Balance for The Balanced Pastry Chef


Click the picture for attribution.  Thanks, DigitalNative for the fantastic photo. You may or may not have noticed that I changed the name of my blog from Pastry Methods and Techniques to The Balanced Pastry Chef. I changed the name after really coming to understand on a deep personal level that food can heal, and […]

Sunday Suppers: Citrus-Fennel Pollen Roasted Chicken


Friends, it is a sad, sad day when I have to report that I roasted a beautiful chicken in a cast iron skillet and then didn’t get to eat any of it. Not even a taste. You see, I am doing the Master Cleanse right now, and that means No Food crosses these lips.  I […]

A New Year’s Smackerel


Hello, friends, and Happy New Year–January 4, to be precise.  I trust your holidays were lovely. Ours were. The first of the year is the traditional time to Take Stock and set some goals, to close one chapter (or book) and open another.  I have never been a big one for resolutions. I can recall […]