Hammock Week: The Last Week of the Year is Always the Weirdest


Please click photo for attribution I’m not sure why that is.  It’s like there’s this huge build up to Christmas: frantic shopping and decorating and cooking and baking and partying and some worshiping and some more shopping and then some Oh Shit I Forgot Doololly’s Gift and the Final Mad Scramble at the Eleventh Hour.  […]

Moravian Sugar Cake, or As I Like to Call It: Dear Lord, Get This Out of My House Before I Have to Bring Out the Stretchy Pants!


See?! I let The Beloved have some this morning before he left for work! If you follow me on twitter or over on my facebook page, you may have noticed that I’ve been going On a bit about Moravian Sugar Cake.  And, unless you are from central North Carolina (or maybe from the Bethlehem, Pennsylvania […]

My Wish for You, Now and in the New Year


Most likely I will be posting again this week, probably about Moravian Sugar Cake. If you’ve not heard of Said Treat, do tune it–it’s a simple but good one. It might be that I should stay away from Picnik, but I mean well… I’d like to take the time today to come to you not […]

Sharing Recipes: To Share or Not to Share


Of course I will share with you. Have you ever had writer’s block and you tell someone and they say “You know how to get over writer’s block? <beat beat> Just write.” And then you punch them in the neck, and their eyes bug out, but you feel a little better? Well, that’s about where […]

Coconut Banana Pound Cake with Nutella Glaze (or The Perfect Cake for #NellysBigDay)

Nelly Logo3

Weddings are wonderful, joyous occasions, and most brides plan and plan until their eyes bleed–choosing just the perfect venue, the Most Fabulous flowers, the Awesomest first dance song, and of course, the Best-Ever-In-The-Universe-Makes-Her-Feel-Like-A-Princess dress.  Oh, and the cake. There must be cake. Duh. But, despite all the planning, the histrionics (have you seen Bridezillas?!), the […]

PMAT University Class EF201 Offering Certification in All Things Egg Foam


Please click the lovely sponge cake for photo attribution. Thank you miniQQ I admit to being a Bit of a slacker sometimes.  Case in point: probably 2-3 months ago now, a reader asked a Very Lot of excellent questions regarding egg foams.  In fact, the questions were so good that I didn’t want to just […]

The Great Search Term Round Up: Volume VIII


Please click photo for attribution. I’m not sure about other bloggers, but I am endlessly fascinated, and often amused/shocked/confused by the search terms folks use to end up here at Ye Olde Blogge.  Occasionally, I like to share Said Terms with you. Here are my rules: I try to word the terms in the form […]