Sunday Sojourns: Lafayette Village, Raleigh


Every once in awhile, a girl needs a Day Trip.  Usually, our day trips consist of wending our way through the countryside to a winery or a cool restaurant.  Today, we ended up going to a shopping center. Romantic, right?  Well, it kind of was.  It’s not like we went to Bed, Bath & Beyond […]

Auction Winner and a Sunday Supper: Mexican Taters


I have been Remiss in my blogging duties, of late. I have had lots of Stuff running around in my head, and when too much stuff starts running around, everything kind of comes to a stand still.  Including posting.  I’m trying to whip my thoughts into some sort of shape that I can channel out […]

Van Halen Pound Cake Auction for #afundforjennie


Please click the photo for attribution This auction is now closed. Winning bid=$125. Thank you so much to all of you who bid so generously to help out #afundforjennie! What does it take for a group of people to band together? To circle the wagons around one of their own?  What does it take to […]