The Great Search Term Round Up: Volume 3

Goodbye, June.  Hello, search terms that have amused me, befuddled me or made me really think.  For your enjoyment today, I present The Best search terms.  As per usual, if they are not phrased in question form, I will do that myself.  I do so enjoy a good Q&A Session. What can I put in […]

Sunday Sippers: Introducing the Bergamo(t)jito

How's that for a lovely Sunday Beverage?

Well, it is a lovely 800 degree day here in The Triangle.  As much as I enjoy making a nice Sunday Supper, today just seemed more conducive to a sipper–a frosty cold refreshing Adult Beverage.  One made from the Bounty in our yard.  Remember a couple of days ago I posted about those crazy mint […]

Lightning Guacamole


This is a fast one today.  We are having a drop in for our neighbors so we can Meet People here in our new neighborhood, so I must clean and What Not.  I’m mostly done, but still, The Beloved will be home soon and I don’t want to be caught Dilly Dallying in any way.  […]

Anniversaries and Alzheimer's

Auntie Ev and Uncle Ray just a few months ago at their home in Pinehurst.  The truest kind of family.

Wedding anniversaries are a time to look back to remember the good times and be thankful that you made it through the not so good times.  As years mount upon years, a happy couple can feel quietly proud of their union and completely sure of his/her spouse.  Often, the “big” anniversaries–those whose years end in […]

Look At This!

How lovely is this guy?!

So, check him out!  Any ideas?  Can you even Begin to guess what this guy is?  Maybe you already know and are just skimming along, waiting for me to cut to the chase.  If so, just give me a minute.  I will give you Hints.  It’s the flower of a culinary herb.  It is often […]

Of Quiche and Crème Fraîche

Look--it's Thoma Keller's Quiche Lorraine!  Isn't it lovely?

Well, hi there, and Happy Tuesday.  You guys are Awesome; I threw open the floor to questions, and you came through!  Now, I will do my best to be all Expert-y and stuff and answer said questions. First, from An_Other_Jenn:  “…do you have a favorite quiche recipe? My husband has never had one, but he’s […]

Sunday Suppers (Monday Edition): Sausage and Veal Rigatoni

Cream cheese, balsamic and nutmeg?  Why not?!

Well, our quick trip to Orlando was successful.  But, we are Very,Very Sleepy.  There was lots of driving and visiting and eating and Being Hot.  But, I promised you a Monday Edition Sunday Supper, so here it is. This is another variation on my recent pasta craze.  I had a pound of local sausage and […]

From Zero to Three in No Time Flat, or Hello, Kitties!

Kittens:  more challenging than house plants.  But they'll never need braces or want a car or need money for college.

As many of you know, The Beloved and I have been going along swimmingly, unencumbered by anything more pressing than watering a house plant for lo, these many years.  We’ve liked it that way Quite Well.  And then, once we decided to move away from the hot, bad place Florida, we decided that we would […]

Top Chef Masters: New Hope for Hesitant Cooks

When I first heard about Top Chef Masters, Bravo’s new series based on the format of their fabulous Top Chef reality series, I was thrilled.  TCM was billed, perhaps not in these words, as Battle of the Masters.  And, as in all battles, there are losers and there are winners.  And, in Realityland, there can […]

Slab O’ Chocolate? Don’t Mind If I Do.

For illustrative purposes, I give you The Chocolate Terrine.  Not my masterpiece, but a masterpiece nonetheless.

Sometimes you just want a big, fat, in-your-face chocolate dessert.  And somehow, making one of Them and eating it doesn’t feel quite as obnoxious as sitting on the couch eating fudge sauce by the spoonful.  Although it kind of is.  But don’t think about that.  Think about all the chocolate-y goodness and how your friends […]