The Great Search Term Round Up: Volume 2

Here we are, friends, at the end of another month.  Can 2009 be almost half over already?!  Be that as it may, the time has come for me to look at the search terms, and try to address them.  Some I will address with a Straight Face.  With some, my tongue will be firmly planted […]

Quoth the Beloved: Never Again! We Shall See….

Here it is.  That's my flash in the window, not Glinda the Good Witch of the North, although I got a little excited when I first looked at the picture.

First, just in case you were starting to think that I eat nothing but healthy food, I was just squirting leftover cream cheese frosting from a pastry bag directly into my mouth.  And I loved it.  Also, I seriously considered purchasing some Philadelphia Brand Cheesecake Filling to eat with some jam.  Sick, huh?  I resisted.  […]

Shameless Wedding Cake Teaser

Just look at all that potential energy.

Here it is.  The calm before the storm.  And here are the players: So, it begins. Oh, and one last shot, in honor of my American Idol and my best-friend-I’ve-never-met, Linda.  I had toyed with the notion of purchasing and applying black nail polish in honor of The Glambert, but Linda told me I should […]

P & G Says Pringles "Not Found In Nature." Shocking.

[youtube=]Friends, check the sky for frogs raining from above.  Does the air outside your window smell of brimstone?  Are dogs and cats sleeping together?  Is the river that meanders through the center of your town a Suspicious Shade of Red?  Signs of the end times, people.  Signs of the end times.  And I just heard […]

The Homogenization of American Food

Well, friends, my parents came to visit us at The New House this weekend.  We had a lovely visit, but a comment that my dad made made me sit up and Take Notice and scribble a note to myself to Write About It.  At breakfast Saturday morning, he mentioned that he had heard an interesting […]

Be Afraid. Be Very Afraid. She’s Trying to Kill You.

What keeps it crunchy, even in milk?  *Semi-permeable food varnish.  That’s what. So, yesterday (I think it was yesterday) sometime in between the painting and the contemplating of The Vast Expanse of Yard, I wandered up to the computer to take a wee break.  The Yahoo people were featuring a recipe for a Cap’n Crunch […]

Bits and Pieces from The New Homestead

So, here's the new place!  We are In Love!

Hi there.  I’m back!  I have missed posting, but I have been well behaved and have been getting the house in order.  And then, The Beloved directed me to “post to the blog” today.  And, being a Dutiful Wife, I could not say no, so here I am.  First of all, thank you so much […]