Have You Heard About My Temper?

What stands between you and creme brule?  The Challenge of Tempering

Well, my throat is sore from all the yelling, and my shoulder is sore from all the sword-wielding, but all in all, I’d say yesterday was a Good Day.  For me.  Perhaps not so much, for those two erstwhile k-niggits.  Ah, well–balance in all things…. Today, I want to get off the dusty field of […]

Witness The Spectacle As I Send Two of King Arthur's Knights Away in Shame

'ware what is between these innocent covers.

I’m starting to feel like the person who wears all black–including a veil and gloves–to a wedding.  The old lady who ruins the game of Capture the Flag by screaming at the kids to get the heck off of her lawn.  The downer at the party, spouting nothing but gloom and woe over the music.  […]

The Notebook

Here she is:  New Blue (Green)

Sorry, no bittersweet love story here.  If that’s what you were hoping for, just move along. Before I started working in a professional kitchen, I never had a recipe notebook.  I had a gajillion cookbooks and an accordion folder of random recipes, but no notebook.  As soon as I got to the first restaurant, the […]

Oh, Nuts!

Let's hear it for Vegan Nuts!

In certain situations, I am a huge fan of the nut.  I like them dry roasted.  I like them toasted and salted.  I like to eat them straight up.  I like them as an accent in Indian and Chinese cuisine.  I am not, however, a big fan of the nut-as-ingredient-in-sweet-foods.  While I enjoy them ground […]

Sour Mix, Anyone?

Thank you, God, for sweet & sour mix.

Welcome to another edition of “Let’s Make Fun of the Ingredient List.”  Today’s target?  Sour mix.  Sour mix is a mixture of simple syrup (that we already know not to purchase) and citrus juice.  You blend them together until you get the perfect balance of sweet and sour.   Sour mix’s whole name is Sweet and […]

Vermicelli Pudding: The Joy of the Indian Dessert

Thank you, India, for Gulab Jamun.

Apparently it was Valentine’s Day on Saturday.  I was wondering what was up with the overall pinkish cast of the Hinternet over the past several days, and now I know.  Huh!  Don’t get me wrong, I am quite the romantic, and I love it when The Beloved and I can spend a romantic evening together […]