"Gee, I'd like my kid's breakfast to be a little more nutritious."

There is nothing natural about this, folks.

Wow.  I just saw this commercial for a breakfast to please kids and moms alike.  I can’t remember what they called it, but it’s some sort of strawberry pastry thing.  The kids wanted “more strawberry filling,” and the moms wanted to “sneak some nutrition in.”  Moms, here’s a thought:  If you want to sneak nutrition […]

And Now, the Perils and Pitfalls of Homemade Fudge (duhn, duhn, duuuuuhn)

Homemade fudge with toasted walnuts.

There is something about fudge that fascinates yet strikes fear into the heart of the home cook.  And I will admit, homemade fudge can be kind of particular about how it is treated.  If you mistreat it, it will let you know by turning into a grainy, sullen mess.  You can almost hear it muttering, […]

Ooh, How Did You Get Those Ridges in the Sides of Your Cranberry Jelly? Ingenious!

Making cranberry sauce is easier than you think.

You know what’s worse than a can of cranberry jelly?  Cranberry jelly that still looks like the can when you take it out.  There is something profoundly wrong–or profoundly telling–about a side dish that makes a sucking sound as it is leaving the can.  I must admit that I grew up eating canned slices of […]

I Can't Believe That's Butter

Make these with a compound butter, and you rule the world.

I’m in charge of the turkey for our pre-Thanksgiving feast on Saturday, so I was making a compound butter to stuff under the beautiful bird’s skin.  Shallot, kosher salt, white pepper, lemon zest, savory, marjoram, flat-leaf parsley and some Old Bay ’cause I love it. (By the way, if you can’t get Old Bay in […]