Happy Halloween. Hmmph; I Wish.

Not mine, but awesome, don't you think?!

I am digressing from pastry for today, because Halloween is my favorite holiday.  Seriously.  My beloved husband and I recently moved to a wonderful town on a wonderful street in North Carolina, but we just found out one very unwonderful thing about it:  no children come down this street!  None.  Bummer.  If we were going […]


    Streusel is magic!  It’s the reason that I often choose Dutch Apple Pie over regular old apple pie, even though I love crust.  Sometimes I just want homey, crunchy, buttery, golden-brown-and-delicious streusel! It’s so simple to make, but it is so very versatile.  How to make it?  Well–easy.  It’s equal parts, by weight, […]

Pie Filling

I couldn’t very well tease you about pie fillings and then leave you hanging, now, could I?!  We’ll get into pie crust later on, or you can always look here or here for good recipes.  With this filling method, you will rule the world.  Um, the world of pies at least.  Not only the world […]